Sunday, February 11, 2007

Strategic Plan Update

Some folks have been asking where we are on the Strategic Plan. Here’s an update:

As you know, the public consultations wrapped and the report was released two weeks ago. Since then, we’ve handed out at least 20 printed copies, and 46 copies have been downloaded from our website. It seems to be having an impact and has sparked several conversations. We then had, by teleconference, an initial consultation with some of the Islands arts organizations. We followed that with the first three of four consultations with the Islands regional arts councils, and will have the last on Monday with the South Shore Regional Arts Council in Crapaud. We have a consultation scheduled with the staff of the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, Culture and Heritage section coming up shortly, and the MLA consultations are ongoing.

We have an early, early draft of the Strategic Plan, but, given that there are a number of more meetings to go, its not much more than a framework. However, the “Next Steps” section of the Community Consultations Report will inform the report greatly.

There’s plenty of time for input, so, if you missed the other opportunities, please feel free to contact us and send in your comments.