Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Theological discussion between me and my six-year old

So, today, I picked up my six-year old after school and was taking him to the shops to look for a proper fall jacket. On the way, we were listening to Beck (the iPhone was on shuffle) and one of his lyrics contained the word "afterlife".

L. "What's afterlife?"

Me "For some people, it's where they believe your spirit goes after a person dies... when they are old."

L. "Is that what you believe?"

Me. "I don't know what I believe - I do think that maybe part of your spirit does keep going after your body dies - but I don't know for sure. Nobody knows for sure. I think that part of you lives on in all the people you've loved."

L. "Do other people believe that?"

Me "Lots of people believe in lots of things. Some people believe in god, some people don't. Some people believe in lots of gods, some people don't. Some people believe in fairies, some people don't. That's the good thing about being a human. You get to decide what you want to believe in, and nobody can tell you your wrong."

L. (long pause) "But we all believe in Santa Claus... right?"

Me "Of course. Santa Claus isn't even up for discussion... we ALL believe in Santa."

L. [with big smile] "OK" [returns to his dot-to-dot book]

End of Discussion