Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Harper/Nope Poster

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Following the Canadian Election then the American Election I was, well, dissapointed in what we, North of the Border, were able to generate in terms of excitement and vision and blogged about it in the post "Voting for Vision: How I wish I could have."

That wasn't quite enough for me, it seems, and I started work on a poster that encapsulated my feelings. I based it on the work of Shepard Fairey who had done the HOPE Poster. I had intended to include it in a recent show here in Charlottetown but, quite honestly, sort of forgot when I was hanging the show and then it was too late to include.

So now, inspired by yesterdays inauguration of Barack Obama, I've decided to post it for all to see and anyone to download and share.

So, you can grab it off my website here: in PDF format.

Please feel free to post your feedback. And please feel free to become involved in the political process and make the change you want to see.


One Blue Marble said...


thanks for this creation! You've captured my sentiments perfectly.