Monday, March 3, 2008

Bill C-10 - Who gets to decide?

Enough people are saying all the right things about bill C-10 which proposes to, among other things, withhold important tax credits for project that are contrary to public policy - veiled censorship if there ever was any.

It comes as no surprise that this government, "Canada's (not so) New Government", is following on the heals of some old US legislation that was led at the time by none other than Jesse Helms, right-wing, republican, who tried the same thing back in the 1980's. Those of us old enough will probably remember that. C-10 doesn't quite go as far as that bill, but it certainly is a giant step in that direction.

It got me thinking about an old Loudon Wainwright III song, "Jesse Don't Like It" from the album (yes, it was an album) Social Studies. Here's a pretty messy version (I mean messy - some guy filmed it in his hotel room on his TV - lyrics are here) on YouTube. If I had the skills, I'd re-record it and change "Jesse" to "Stevie".

Boo to you Stephen Harper. Stuff like this isn't suppose to happen in "my" Canada. And the last thing I want is for you to be in charge of the moral/good-taste federal police squad.