Monday, April 30, 2007

Well, that was nice - Excerpt from Hansard April 26, 2007

Speaker: The hon. Member from Crapaud-Hazel Grove.

Ms. Bertram: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

I would also like to extend best wishes to all the students and teachers and their educational systems that are working hard on projects in the various schools across the province. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect the community to arts. Through the foundation and support to the Department of Education, it is providing wonderful opportunities to our children across the province from grade 1 to grade 12.

What’s also important, not only are we looking to the ArtsSmarts program, but we’re also looking towards supporting our initiatives in the schools and into the communities. The community 2006 consultations by the PEI Council of the Arts talks about opportunities for our youth and our communities and in the school system, and the professional nature of the arts and how - there are so many artisans in our various communities, urban and rural, in the province, but they’re getting older. We need to ensure that the next generation is taking on those artistic traits.

I think we need to certainly look at the consultations that the arts council did. Darren White, their executive director, does great work and does certainly - anything will support arts in Prince Edward Island. I hope that the minister will continue to support art opportunities in the schools.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.