Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Three Years In...

Today marks the end of my third year at the Council and the start of my fourth. According to some lists, that makes me the third longest serving ED in the Council’s history. Something of an achievement I suppose.

Being an “anniversary” it provides an opportunity to look back over these last three years and remark (to myself) on the changes and progress that’s been made. Are there some highlights you might ask? Sure, plenty, but the things I’m most happy with are not what you might expect. #1 Achievement – Stability. The Council has a Governance, is fiscally sound, and has a Strategic Plan (as of last night – April 01 is the date for the public release).

You just can’t build a thing on a foundation that is shaky or insufficiently strong as to support a growing structure. Now, on the cusp of my fourth year, I am satisfied that the work that needed to be done to build, or rebuild a solid foundation for this organization is largely complete. Sure, there are still some issues here and there, the Bylaws need an update. But on the whole, I’m happy. PEI and the PEI Council of the Arts has provided me with a challenging, and rewarding three years, and I’m looking forward to a few more.